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Friday, July 24, 2009

Montana de Oro State Park and Point Buchon

I haven't been publishing any new Photo Guides for the past few months, but I have been photographing and collecting lots of material for the OSPG project.

(Panorama of Spooner's Cove, Montana de Oro State Park)

This month, I'm publishing a guide to the connecting properties of Montana de Oro State park and the Point Buchon property. Only a few miles west of San Luis Obispo, Montana de Oro includes some spectacular sand dunes, sandstone cliffs, and rocky beaches. The Point Buchon is a less-developed property that continues the landscape south of Montana de Oro. Point Buchon is privately-owned (by the local electric company), but it's open the public five days per week. It's also less developed than the state park, which is nice if you appreciate that sort of thing.

Although the coastline is known for surprising weather, it doesn't always look this miserable in Montana de Oro. But sometimes it does. So whether you're a sunny photographer, or a drizzly photographer, you'll probably find something to love at "MDO".